Mail text: Rhine-on-Skates 2019 – information for participants (135 km)


we're looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. :-) We're busy with last preparations, and you're probably busy preparing for the travel to Rüdesheim. Below you will find some information mostly on safety at Rhine-on-Skates and further information in German. If you registered a group, please forward this mail to the other group members. Do you know someone who wants to join at short notice? No problem, there is a registration desk from 8 a.m. onwards on Saturday in Rüdesheim (135 km only), and from 2 p.m. onwards in Koblenz. == Underpass to start place == The usual underpass from the road Bleichstraße (B 42) to our start place will probably be closed. There's a pedestrian nearby, 70 meters to the west. == Up to 30 °C ... == According to weather prospects, it will be dry, but quite warm. So please: 1) Drink, drink drink! You should better have 2 than 1 bottles with you and fill them in every break! 2) Shout "Bituuuumen"! Streets in the Rhine Gorge are getting better and better, but at some places, there still are bitumen strips / tar snakes that get soft when the sun shines all day. German skaters shout "Bitumen" (pronounced "be-two-men"), when they see tar snakes and want to warn you. :-) 3) Go into the bus when you need it! At the end of a long hot day, you should know when it's time to take an extra break and hopefully skate on later. == Bib number == To check that particapants have paid the entry fee, there are "bib numbers" (German: "Startnummer"). Your bib number also allows you to get lunch (1 meal and 1 drink) in Koblenz and drinks and snacks in the breaks in St. Goar and St. Goarshausen. PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOUR BIB NUMBER IS VISIBLE. (e.g. place it on your right thigh or on the front of your t-shirt.) Safety pins will be available at the start. Despite the issuance of bib numbers, Rhine-on-Skates is not a race, there is no timing, no publication of results of participants, ... == Safety / HELMET == IMPORTANT: Wearing a helmet is mandatory! You will not be allowed to skate without a helmet. We also recommend wearing protectors. We will be in a convoy with special permission to skate on public roads. Skating is only allowed within the convoy. If you skate outside of the convoy, you must use the pavement. Be considerate to other skaters and be aware of oncoming traffic. Warn others with hand signals and verbally of potholes, bitumen strips / tar snakes, obstacles, etc. Do not skate criss cross through the pack, do not perform tricks. Preferably skate at an even and enjoyable pace, and use the slipstream of the skater in front of you. You will get tired soon enough. = Drafting and overtaking = For faster skaters: You do not always need to overtake - ROS is not a race, it is an experience. Instead enjoy the scenery and offer to help slower skaters. Only overtake on the left and only when it is safe to do so. When moving back over to the right after overtaking, take care not to push overtaken skaters towards the kerb. There should be a maximum of two single file lines of drafting skaters side by side. The danger of collision - with oncoming traffic and with skaters - is too high with a third single file line of drafting skaters. Therefore on no account overtake two lines of drafting skaters, if (which is normally the case) there is only one carriageway available. If you are skating faster from the back of the pack, please join the rear of the front single file of drafting skaters. You are not allowed to overtake the front line of skaters. Why? Similar to heavy traffic on a motorway, skating too close and the associated braking increases the risk of accidents and causes traffic jams. = Falls = If you see someone fall, warn with a loud shout and try to protect the person from behind (both arms raised!). If necessary give a signal to a marshal. Important: stay calm. If you fall yourself, attempt to stand up and get out of the way as quickly as possible. Others will help you. There are also paramedics at the end of the convoy. = One more tip = Please prepare your skates (are all bolts tight?) and your feet (tape spots prone to blisters). Bring along spares and an Allen key. == Start == The start is 9 a.m. at the car park P5 "Auf der Lach" in Rüdesheim ("Rüdesheim am Rhein", N.B. if you are using a sat nav, there is more than one Rüdesheim in Germany). Further details about ROS may be found in the English web page of the ROS site: And even more in the German web pages: == Photos, facebook and twitter === You will find photos of ROS on We will also set a link to your photos if you send us an e-mail. Please set the visibility to "public". Do you know our facebook page? Please "like" it! Our event page for Rhine-on-Skates 2019: ... ... and for ROS on 29. August 2020: Our twitter account is @rhineonskates: Hashtag: #RhineOnSkates == Check lists == Checklist for arrival: - helmet (mandatory), protection gear - Don't forget to pick up your bib number at the service point. - bib number - drinking bottles (preferably plastic), hip bag/bagpack - skates :-) - money (e.g. for train, coffee, cake, party...) - sun protection - In case you should leave something in the bus (at own risk, small luggage only, do not place on the seats, not before crossing the rhine possible): please attach contact data (name and mobile phone number). Checklist for departure: - Do not leave anything behind in the busses, they leave shortly after arrival in Rüdesheim. - Do not leave anything behind at the stops or at the party area. == ROS app == Our app provides you with our latest facebook and twitter news and other infos. Sorry, german version only ... == ROS shirts == There are Rhine-on-Skates 2019 shirts orderable, in different shirt styles, colours and print colors (modifyable): Sorry, german languange only, but shipment abroad is offered. The shirts are available online only, not at the event. == Rhine-on-Skates 2020 == Last saturday in August - 29 August 2020. :-) The registration will probably start in winter, we'll send you an mail then. == Further information in German == Below, you'll find the German information for those of you who understand German. Please apologise that we provide the English information in a shortened version only. == Francais == Finally, we wish you a good journey to Rhine-on-Skates. :-) Best regards, Your Rhine-on-Skates Team

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