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No ROS 2020 – see you in 2021!

Dear inline skaters,

Unfortunately we have to cancel for the first time both traditional tours that were planned for August 2020,

These cancellations are not easy decisions for us, but with regard to SARS-CoV-2 they are unavoidable.

Rhine-on-Skates is planned as usual for the last Saturday of August, which is 28-AUG-2021.

A date for the Rheingau-Inline-Tour mit Partyschiff is not yet fixed.

Registration for both tours will start as soon as it is very likely that t they can happen.

We hope for your understanding and for better times that allow us to skate at the rhine with many nice people.

Best regards,
the orga teams of RIT and ROS

Most info below is for ROS 2019. It will be updated before the registration starts.

Welcome to Rhine-on-Skates, the 65 km / 135 km inlineskating tour in the UNESCO world heritage site Upper Middle Rhine valley!

We are very happy that our tour is international. In 2016, there were skaters from countries like Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, … and even USA coming to Rüdesheim to have great day at the Rhine! We hope to see you again this year! :-)

Most information on www.rhine-on-skates.de is in German, but you can read the basics on this page in English.

Video and photos from former years

What is Rhine-on-Skates?

Rhine-on-Skates is a guided inline skating tour on smooth German roads along the river Rhine in the UNESCO world heritage site Upper Middle Rhine valley (Rhine Gorge), passing vineyards, castles and the famous rock of the Loreleyan experience of unique scenery!



      • Start and Finish: Rüdesheim am Rhein (… and in the evening: party!)
      • Total length: 135 km (84 miles)
      • There will be several breaks with water and food supply, probably in St. Goar (30 minutes), Koblenz (> 1 hour, pasta!) and St. Goarshausen (30 minutes).
      • It is possible to skate only parts of the route e.g. between the break sites; each section will be approx. 30 – 35 km.
        • e.g. skate from Rüdesheim to St. Goar, leave the convoy there, have a long lunch break, cross the river by ferry, finally join again and skate with the convoy to Rüdesheim,
        • or skate „as long as it goes well“ (e.g. starting in Koblenz) and travel either back or further by train (there is a station every few kilometers).

What else to know:

      • We will be skating as a convoy, escorted by police in front and behind, accompanied by ambulances and buses for stragglers. Breaks will be in St. Goar, Koblenz (long lunch break) and St. Goarshausen. In addition, there will be short gathering stops in between. At the breaks in St. Goar and St. Goarshausen there will be drinks and bananas available.
      • A helmet is obligatory – please wear full protection gear!
      • Everyone who can skate and brake safely and is sufficently fit (speed will be 20 km/h for longer passages at the end of the convoy, slightly faster at the head of the field) is welcome to join.
      • You need a ticket/bib number to take part. Be sure to book early to save money! :-)
      • How to get there, where to stay

What others write about Rhine-on-Skates …

„We had a thoroughly amazing time, as we always do at this unique event. Organisation was brilliant and everyone was so friendly.“

(steveh about Rhine-on-Skates 2011 on serpentineroad.com)

„Don’t forget the great opportunity to skate on quality German roads – the 135km round trip riverside jaunt that is the Rhine-on-Skates! Rhine -on-Skates is an organised skate tour conducted at a steady pace with regular food and water stops from Rudesheim am Rhein to Koblenz and back (i.e. 68km there, 68km back). The route is along the banks of the river Rhine which means it’s flat – there’s only one real hill during the entire 135km – and the area is UNESCO world heritage listed and packed full of picturesque castles, forests, river views, etc. Hundreds of people take part each year and if you comfortably complete the LFNS or LondonSkate on a regular basis then the Rhine-on-Skates should be within your ability. For full details see the Rhine-on-Skates English home page“

(Text about Rhine-on-Skates 2010, taken from the newsletter of www.lfns.co.uk, with minor modifications)

… and photos and more:

Many photos, videos and (mostly german) reports from Rhine-on-Skates 2003-2018 are linked on our photo page (2018) and on our photo archive page (2003-2017)!

(Mail us an URL to your photo page, and we’ll place a link!)

How to get there, where to stay

We start (probably, please check again in August) at 9:00 CEST (7:00 UTC / GMT), in D-65385 Rüdesheim am Rhein, „Auf der Lach“ (for GPS fans: N 49°58.712′, E 7°55.848′ – N 49°58’42.8″, E 7°55’50.9″ – 49.97855 N, 7.93080 E)

How to get there

Rüdesheim am Rhein (start 135 km)

Rüdesheim am Rhein is on the right side of the Rhine river. You can get there by train from Wiesbaden, Koblenz, Frankfurt, …

Koblenz (start 65 km tour)

If you book(ed) the „65 km Koblenz – Rüdesheim“ tour, your start is at the „Stadion Oberwerth“ in the south of Koblenz.

      • You can get there from Koblenz Hauptbahnhof (central station) by bus.
      • You can get to Koblenz Hauptbahnhof by train from Rüdesheim
      • Details and map on our German page, maybe later also here in english.

Where to stay

We recommend staying in Rüdesheim am Rhein. Alternatives are the neighbouring towns. Bingen am Rhein is connected by ferries (until midnight!), Assmannshausen, Geisenheim, Eltville, …, Wiesbaden by bus or train.

      • Tourist Centre Rüdesheim, Phone: +49 (0)6722 90615-0
      • „Book online / Hosts“ on ruedesheim.de/en
      • Camping:
        • Camping site Rüdesheim
          • About 600 m from start/party location – you’ll meet many skaters here!
          • Does not accept reservation – first come, first serve.
          • Might become full on Friday evening – then go to Geisenheim …
        • Camping site Geisenheim – if Rüdesheim is full.
          • About 2 km from start/party location
          • Has enough space for skaters who can’t be accepted by the Rüdesheim camping site anymore …
          • A small torch will be useful for the way home after the party!
        • On our interactive Google Map, both camping sites are marked, including the way from the Geisenheim camp via the Rüdesheim camp to the starting place of Rhine-on-Skates.

Contact (English speaking)

        • anmeldung [at] rhine-on-skates [dot] de

Further information in English …

Sorry, we’re still too lazy eh busy to translate all German pages

If you want to be reminded as soon as more English text is available, please register for the WNS Newsletter by sending a mail to inlinemzwi-subscribe@yahoogroups.de (mostly German, important Rhine-on-Skates updates also in English), or follow @rhineonskates on Twitter, or follow us on Facebook.

Prices and Registration for Rhine-on-Skates 2021:

You’ll find info and links when the registration starts …